First Resource began in 1991 in Seattle and has been providing top-quality accounting and software support services since then. Prior to that, owner Wendy Kelling established a similar business in London, England which operated successfully from 1981 to 1990 serving clients including First American Title Insurance and Athena International. 

It is a source of great pride that our clients come to us by word-of-mouth references based on the quality of our work. We work throughout the Seattle metropolitan area, and across the United States for special events such as seminars and software tradeshow support.

Below is a list of just a few of our clients, past and present:
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • US West Enhanced Services, Inc.
  • University of Washington
  • Event & Marketing Associates, Inc.
  • DARCO, Inc.
  • Entergy Corporation
  • MEOW - Mercer Island Orphans & Waifs

Our Promise

Here at First Resource, we take great pride in the care and attention we give to each and every client.  We promise:

  • Our work will be accurate.
  • Our work will be honest.
  • We will always do our best to communicate the full situation to the client's understanding.
  • We will work efficiently.
  • We will work with our clients to achieve results which meet their current and projected needs.
  • We will inform our clients, to the extent of our knowledge, of their external-reporting needs, such as governmental, CPA, and long-term business goals.
  • We will refer our clients to other sources if a situation arises which is outside our expertise.
  • We expect that clients will make an ongoing effort through developed procedures to enable us to best serve their needs.  We need you to work with us!
  • We will advise our clients of problems we may find which may lead to erroneous reporting.  This will be doe with the expectation of correction and future compliance.
  • Our work has a reputation for consistently excellent standards of accuracy and ethics.  Working together, we must strive to produce results which ensure our good reputation and yours.