Currently we offer a broad range of services in accounting, software instruction, systems development, and support.  Please contact our office for pricing.

We also have several informative documents that are available free of charge. 


Our accounting and tax services respond to the business needs of our clients. Typical examples include managerial, property management, and non-profit accounting. Our tax work includes employer reports (monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports to State and Federal authorities) and income tax reporting. We also have experience with British taxes and accounting.

Frequently, we provide periodic and year-end account reviews for our clients. Acting as a mid-way “checkpoint” between internal bookkeeping staff and year-end tax preparers, we step in to review the preliminary financial reports in detail. We know how to research and assemble a year-end package of reports and reviews which provides reliable confirmation of key figures. This has proven to be a valuable resource for our clients, affording a concise record of dependable historical accounting information and analysis for tax purposes and management usage. An added bonus is that your internal bookkeeping staff learn to do their work better as they assist us in completing our work.

If you’re not yet set up for computerized accounting, or if you need to upgrade your system, please see “Systems Development” below. 


Software Instruction:

We offer individual or group instruction on location, based on our client’s usage objectives. This means that we talk to you about what you want and need to accomplish on your software, and how to provide the best learning environment for you. You may not even know exactly what software tasks you need to learn. How could you know, if you don’t know the software yet? 

If you don’t have your software selected already, we help you figure out what will best suit your needs and get the software loaded and customized for you. If you already have your software, we work with you to customize it for your needs and working style/environment.

Most typically, we work with accounting and spreadsheet programs. We also provide regular support for several word processing programs. Past work assignments have allowed us to create FRI-copyright courses as authorized trainers for software packages.

“Task lists” and “wish lists” are a big part of our instruction services. Because most of our clients ask us to come back repeatedly to work with them as they continue to learn more and want more from their software, we suggest you keep a “task list” including the things you need to learn and the questions/problems you need to resolve. Beyond this, we suggest a “wish list” which includes things which would make your work easier; you may not know if these things are within your software’s capabilities, but we’ll look at the list with you and see what we can do to make your life easier. When your task list and wish list become big enough and/or urgent enough, give us a call and we’ll come help.


Systems Development:

If you’re just about ready to computerize your records, or if you feel you need an upgrade, we are ready to help. We have assisted many companies in organizing and computerizing their records in accounting, database, and spreadsheet programs. We also work with our clients on their existing systems where we may be able to accomplish their objectives simply by refining, upgrading, and/or further customizing their current software and procedures. 

We do the necessary advance work to find out what you need now and in the foreseeable future. Working with you to determine internal (e.g., management) and external (e.g., tax reporting) requirements, we create and/or customize a system and procedures to meet your needs. 

Computers and software set up the shell for your information. After that, it’s essential to create and teach the procedures that all involved personnel must follow in order to maintain the integrity, accuracy, and reliability of your records. In the course of developing computerized systems, we put together the most efficient procedures and then provide training in your offices to ensure capable follow-through. 

Finally, we offer periodic review services where we can look at how things are going, make adjustments and/or corrections as needed, provide additional training, and further refine procedures and systems to meet your changing needs.



We provide a variety of support services for accounting, software, grant funding, seminars, and tradeshows. Periodic ad hoc client support also includes research and editing projects.

As a “thank you” to our clients, and because we know that anybody can do their job better with a little dependable hand-holding, we provide free telephone support for short-duration phone calls to all our ongoing clients. If you’ve got a question, or maybe a problem, you can call for help. If it’s quick (usually under 10 or 15 minutes), we’ll help you right over the phone at no charge. If it sounds like it’ll take longer, we’ll give you whatever help we can and figure out how to proceed. 



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